The December Edition (Vol.4)

Here we are with Christmas upon us; is it approaching you as fast as it with us? Then there's Y2K coming, are you prepared? We have some great thoughts below on that subject.

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We have picked a new winner for December. Thanks for all those who keep recommending Saints of Virtue to their friends. The winner is:
Congratulations Keith! You have won a Saints of Virtue game!

Here is some information on the development of Saints of Virtue. The question asked is "Is there anything you wanted to add to Saints of Virtue, but didn't get in?"

We had lots of ideas for different levels and areas of Saints of Virtue. However, after we developed 4 levels, we realized we had a huge game already. So, here's some of the details on the levels that we thought about but didn't make it in:
A) Path of Life
This was an area that was going to go between each level. You would pass through one door to another and walk through this path of life. It was a very cool area...and you would see the Castle/Kingdom of the Heart in the distance and stars racing by. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to get this just right.
B) The Abyss of Guilt
We wanted a level to help players understand that you should not feel guilty about things after they are forgiven. We imagined an area where enemies were chained to guilt and you had to help free them.
C) Sewers of Suffering
This was going to be an area where enemies who are in pain and agony were crying out. You would just have to escape before too long or be consumed by the pain. It was a little too negative and depressing of an area, and we had a hard time figuring out how to show -- God, the great Comforter -- could ease suffering.
D) Isle of Discouragement
This place was an island that the player had to escape from. However, none of the easy ways would have worked -- they would all lead to the big D word. That can be so like life. The hope though is found in God's view on things and how we need to see the world through God's eyes.

The enemy of FEAR is having a lot of success as the world races towards the end of the millennium. Fear of power outages, bank failures, riots, terrorist attacks, anarchy, planes falling from the sky, Armageddon, and the end of civilization as we know it, to name but a few. Does FEAR have you on the run?

FEAR is a very aggressive enemy. It attacks from all directions and weighs us down with burdens that cloud our minds and blinds our eyes with the horror of what might come to pass. The fact that we don't know what will happen at the stroke of midnight December 31st 1999, allows fear to paint the most dreadful possibilities in horrid detail.

But, if Jesus reigns over the kingdom of your heart, we HAVE the answer. We KNOW what ultimately happens, and we know that it is all under control… GOD'S control. OK, so maybe we don't know if the power will go out. We don't know if there will be riots, or planes falling from the sky, or if groups of terrorists will use the opportunity to make a deadly statement, but we do know this: God has a personal investment, interest, and plan for your life. He wants you to know that every hair on your head is numbered and that nothing can remove you from His love and protection. "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him,…" Romans 8:28. You need not Fear!

God knows all that will happen! As He looks at the future with perfect vision, He tells those who trust in Him some really awesome things that can bring great comfort during times of uncertainty. Are you a little apprehensive about the end of the millennium and fighting the enemy of FEAR over all the terrible things that some say might happen? Take a minute or two to check out some of the promises listed at the link below. Read what God has to say about FEAR and His totally awesome provision for you regardless of what the new millennium might bring. You'll be so glad that you did.

If you don't know much about God and His plan for you, you might be surprised to find out that God has been trying to get your attention for a long time. Maybe all the hullabaloo of Y2K and the new Millennium is being used to do just that… GET YOUR ATTENTION! If you're even remotely curious and looking for something a little more secure than a wild party on New Years Eve and a blind hope that all of your tomorrows will be the same as today, God has a secure plan for you too. To learn about this awesome plan, follow this link. It's absolutely free and you can leave at any time with the simple click of your mouse. Isn't the Internet great?

The Millennium awaits, onward SAINTS OF VIRTUE!!!

1. If you don't have the game yet, we have our End Of Year special where you can save $5 off. Go to to order it. Plus we offer even more discounts if you order more than one copy.

2. A Big Congratulations to those who are newly added to our Hall of Fame. It is quite an achievement to get to the end. But the reward is worth it. Check out the latest at The Hall of Fame is now ordered by level of difficulty and if you get added, you are put on the bottom of the level of difficulty.

3. We were mentioned in an article in Entertainment Weekly (December 10th issue). They did a special about Christian media and we got a whole sentence! Woo hoo!

Here’s some websites especially for Christmas and New Year:
1. Top Ten Christmas at Peggies Place

2. Great presentation on what's most important about Y2K (Flash required)

3. If you are worried about Y2K, here is some good info on it.

We hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season!
Have a blessed Christmas and a secure-in-Him Y2K!

In Christ,

The Shine Studios Team --- Bud, Mike, and Dave

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