The January-February Edition (Vol. 5)

We want to welcome all the new people to our newsletter! A lot of you got the game for Christmas. We hope you are enjoying it. Remember that our web site has lots of great hints that can make it easier if you get stuck.

While this is only the January-February edition, we realize that this is already into March. We really tried to get it out before the end of February ;).

You guys and gals are so awesome!!...We keep getting a ton of people referring their friends. Thanks so much for helping get the word out about Saints of Virtue!!! Since we did not publish a newsletter in January, we wanted to award a winner for each month.
So the January winner is: KTSLADY@AOL.COM

And the February winner is:

A big congrats to the winners!
(a March winner will be chosen later)

Over the Christmas season, we have been very busy promoting the game. God has blessed us as we sold a lot of games and reached out to more people. We were the #1 Christian game in almost every Bible bookstore that carried us.

Having finished Saints of Virtue, we are starting work on a new game. We cannot give you a lot of details yet, but we are in what is called the "design phase". This is where we discuss and figure out the design of the game. This includes asking the questions like: "What is the game going to be about?", "What kind of game is it?", and "How will it be fun?". When you think about it, those are big questions that cannot be answered easily. We have been going through a lot of ideas, but we want one that is unique and special and communicates a positive message.

While we are still hammering out the details, here is what we can tell you about the game so far:
* It is not a sequel to Saints of Virtue. It has some similarities, but it will be much different.
* Instead of the journey inside your heart it will take place outside in the world.
* You'll be having to deal with/battle with/overcome the "The Great Destroyer"...(guess who that represents???)
* One of the creatures we have right now is called "Sticky". Hmmm....what does that mean?

One note about our game is that we are currently seeking investors for the full development of it. Plus we are seeking prayer partners too. We have a new web page up that you can check out the opportunities

Integrity is the quality that allows a person to stay true to himself / herself even when that might not be the most popular thing to do. Going to school or work and dealing with peers can really make being a person of integrity difficult. We all want to be liked and respected, but sometimes having integrity can bring about the opposite. To some extent or another, all of us have thrown integrity out the window and gone along with something that we shouldn't have. We might say that we cast aside our true colors.

Have you ever felt like a chameleon, one of those color-changing lizards that's able to blend perfectly into almost any environment? It's easy to be a "chameleon person" when integrity will cause you to suffer embarrassment, ridicule, and maybe even physical pain.

As a Christian, God doesn't want us to be "chameleon people". He paid a heavy price to color you in a hue that is designed to stand out in this world. As a Christian, the blood of Christ has bathed you in a hue of fantastic intensity and this new color is designed to be seen... to shine.

There are some really amazing things about this new color we have as Christians. It is a pure pigment forged from the very blood of God. This pigment is bound with grace and applied lavishly through the medium of love. It is too precious and too amazing to hide. Let's let our colors shine.

You are the light of the world. A city on the hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:14-16)

1. The number of SOV Hall-of-Famers has grown like wildfire!!! A huge congratulations to those who have completed the game and made it into the Hall of Fame. Check out the who made it and their comments at

2. We have a new section as mentioned above. It is called Parents & Investors. It is for anyone interested in prayer, creative, or financial support of the game. Check it out at

3. If you don't have the game yet, we have our Special where you can save $5 off. Go to to order it. Plus we offer even more discounts if you order more than one copy.

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In Christ,
The Shine Studios Team --- Bud, Mike, and Dave

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