The May 2000 Edition (Vol. 6)

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter! It has been a few months since our last newsletter...we have been quite busy (for more on that read below).

Saints of Virtue continues to be the top-selling Christian computer game!!! Thanks for all those who have bought it!! Also, we truly appreciate your comments, thoughts, and ideas!

We want to thank you all for referring your friends. Thanks so much for helping get the word out about Saints of Virtue! Since we have not published a newsletter for awhile, we wanted to award a winner for each month we missed.

The March winner is:

And the April winner is:

And the May winner is:

A big congrats to the winners!

Over the last several months, we have been extremely busy working on the design and business plan for our new game. We hinted about the new game in the last issue of the newsletter. It has taken a lot of time for us to prepare everything. However, the more we design and plan, the more excited we are about the possibilities of our next game. It's a different type of game than Saints of Virtue, but would be very fun and challenging. We do hope to share with you more details about the game as well as design sketches in a few months time.

As we have a plan to do something much bigger and better than Saints of Virtue, this requires a lot more funding. In this looking for investment, we realize that getting large sums of money is not a quick and easy process. One important thing we have been learning is that we must wait on God and His timing. We have great faith that this is where God is leading us, but we don't the hows and whys of it all. It's a funny thing...that faith can be very humbling as we trust in God, but yet very exciting too as we eagerly follow His Guidance -- step by step.

So, we would appreciate your prayers for us here at Shine Studios that God would provide the funding for our next game, and that we would be faithful in following God each step of the way.

Well summer is almost upon us and school is almost out. Three months of baseball, barbecues, soccer, swimming, picnics, vacations, and yard work will soon be the norm. It is an awesome time of year. Long days will soon be crammed with as much fun as we can handle.

A summer without sunshine would be a real bummer. All of those really fun summer activities would become cold, dark, and dismal. If you've had a science class you probably learned about the earth's tilted orientation as it orbits the sun. To have summer, the earth's tilt must be at a point that allows the most direct alignment with the sun's rays.

Christians have a very special opportunity. We can actually have a spiritual summer that lasts 365 days a year! It all depends on our tilt. Just like the earth needs a direct alignment with the sun to have a sun filled summer, we need to have a direct alignment with the SON to have a Son filled summer.

Summer is a busy time. It's easy to let the busy things of our life get us a little off kilter and cause us to tilt away from the SON. This awkward tilt, unfortunately, will send us into an early fall and often may even launch us face first into a cold dark winter. The key to a spiritual summer is to keep our lives tilted towards the Son.

As the activities of summer crank up, remember to keep your tilt aimed so that you have a direct alignment with the Savior. Daily quiet times and a constant invitation for the Lord to join you in all of your summer activities will go a long way in keeping your polar axis tilted correctly. Should you find yourself a little off kilter and sense the onset of an early fall, don't wait until winter hits before you lean back towards Jesus. Unlike the physical seasons, a SON filled summer is only a prayer away.

"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." (Colossians 3:17)

1. The number of SOV Hall-of-Famers has grown like wildfire!!! A huge congratulations to those who have completed the game and made it into the Hall of Fame. Check out the who made it and their comments at (Pretty soon we are going to have to change our format because it is too big...any ideas, let us know @ )

2. We have a new section that we mentioned last time called Parents & Investors. It is for anyone interested in prayer, creative, or financial support of the game. Check it out at

3. If you don't have the game yet, we have our special where you can still save $5 off. Go to to order it. It's a very secure connection with credit cards or you can send in a money order or check.

A few recommendations by us here at Shine Studios:

TheStream TV @
Home of "Just The Facts" TV show and QuickStudy Bible study and much more. They support Saints of Virtue too. So check them out!

FaithStart @
This web directory/guide has been updated and looks a lot better. You can find secular stuff here like stocks, sports, news, home stuff and much more. Plus a ton of great resources for Christians.

Real Gold @
This site reports the latest with what is happening for the Olympics by the church in Australia. Great testimonies and sharing so much exciting news.

The Room @
A really great and moving story by Joshua Harris. If you haven't read's definitely worth the click.

Phantom Tollbooth @
A guide to alternative music. Also reviews movies and interviews artists.

In Christ,
The Shine Studios Team --- Bud, Mike, and Dave

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