There are some known issues in SaintsX. If you find other bugs or issues that prevent a normal playthrough, contact me on Discord and I’ll try to fix them.

  • SaintsX does not support using save games from retail Saints of Virtue. This is an engine limitation and may even be true from version to version of SaintsX.

  • SaintsX currently only supports the v1.0a, v1.1, v1.3, and v1.4 releases of Saints of Virtue. If you have access to other versions (e.g. v1.2, if it exists), please get in touch on Discord and I can add support for them.

  • SaintsX is set up to run at 800x600. Changing screen size or resolution from the menus is not supported.

  • Intro and ending Smacker videos don’t work.

  • Typing save game names is weird due to remapping, e.g. WASD and other characters used in-game will behave oddly.

  • Player view may be tilted when starting a new level. Press (INSERT) to level your view.

  • Framerates drop below 60FPS in the Abstract Maze and Trap Room.