• Download SaintsX and unzip it.
  • Get a copy of Saints of Virtue.
    • If it’s a CD-ROM copy rather than an archive of files, install Saints of Virtue to the local disk. (For more, see below.)
  • Copy the following files from the Saints of Virtue installation folder to the /RETAIL directory of SaintsX:
    • Apathy.wrs
    • Legalism.wrs
    • Newage.wrs
    • Heart.wrs
    • Title.wrs
    • Vrun.exe
  • Check the readme.txt file of your copy of Saints of Virtue to see what version you have.
  • Right-click the appropriate setup batch file for your version (e.g. setup-1.1.bat) and pick “Run as Administrator”.
  • Once setup is complete, run SaintsX by double-clicking the SaintsX shortcut.

Installing Saints of Virtue < 1.4 from CD-ROM

If you downloaded your copy of Saints of Virtue from the internet, it may be an archive containing all the game files after someone else installed the files to disk. If so, you can just copy the needed files as described above.

If you are using a CD-ROM version of Saints of Virtue before 1.4, then it came with a 16-bit InstallShield installer that won’t work on modern Windows. Never fear! SaintsX has you covered.

  • Copy the CD-ROM contents to disk.
  • Replace the SETUP.EXE file with the setup32.exe file included with SaintsX, which is a 32-bit compatible InstallShield 3.x file.
  • Double-click setup32.exe to install the game.
  • If the setup app isn’t launching, something (e.g. an NVIDIA container process) may be blocking it.
    • Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE.
    • Bring up Task Manager.
    • Switch to the Details tab.
    • Find the setup32.exe process.
    • Right-click the process and choose “Analyze Wait Chain”.
    • End whatever process is blocking the setup32 process.
  • Once the game is installed, proceed with the Installation steps above.